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Should You Buy a Flood-Damaged Car?

Signs of a Flooded Car.jpeg
If you're thinking about purchasing a car with water damage or one that's been in a flood, we have one suggestion for you: Unless you can do all the reconditioning and repair work yourself, you probably shouldn't.

These flooded cars pose all sorts of risks, including shorted-out electrical systems, engine and transmission failure, damage to exhaust, brake/ABS systems, and dangerous mold. You may also get bilked into paying thousands of dollars more than the waterlogged car is actually worth. Here are some tips to help you spot potential auto fraud in the form of a flooded…

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Sinkhole Ate Your Car? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Sinkhole in Miami, FL
If you live around Miami — or really anywhere in Florida — you have plenty of fears not shared by most other Americans: Hurricanes and storm surge, flooding, getting gobbled up by a gator, the Bills winning the AFC East again. Yet there’s one communal fear that’s growing with each and every news story: Sinkholes.
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5 Tips to Drive Safer in the Rain

April is more than just the first official month of spring – it’s also Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which seems particularly fitting considering April marks the beginning of Miami’s rainy season. While driving in the rain may not seem like a big deal, but data shows that inclement weather correlates with higher rates of car crashes; wet pavement and rainy conditions contribute to up to 78% of all weather-related collisions and 76% of fatalities.

So, this April, stay smart when it’s raining by following these 5 driving safety tips.


#1: Check Those Tires

During rainy conditions, proper tire…

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