The Importance of Following a Routine Maintenance Schedule

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There is nothing more exciting than driving a brand-new car off the lot. But performing routine maintenance on that car is the only way to ensure it lasts for years. 

We appreciate every customer that purchased a 2019 Hyundai vehicle and hope you are enjoying it. By now, you have probably familiarized yourself with all the features and performance capabilities that Hyundai offers. You’re also most likely closing in on 7,500 miles or six months of ownership. So, before that new car smell fades away, bring your vehicle into service for a maintenance inspection.
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2019's Top Holiday & Christmas Events in Miami

From Christmas tree lights to meet-and-greets with Santa and his elves, holiday events in Miami are preparing to kick off the festivities soon. Want to get in on the celebration? Of course you do! Check out the best things to do this holiday season in South Florida.

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Dadeland Mall Tree Lighting Ceremony

November 13th (6PM) – Dadeland Mall, Miami, FL - Website

Santa and the Dadeland Mall crew kick off the holidays with a splendid Christmas tree lighting ceremony. In addition to the tree lighting, visitors can expect numerous family-friendly activities...

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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Toyota RAV4: SUV Comparison

In the market for a family-friendly, budget-friendly, friend-friendly SUV with enough room for Harry Henderson and co.? Your hunt for a roomy, inexpensive, reliable crossover is shared with thousands of other Miami shoppers. But like a nice, hot cup of coffee, the cream of the crossover class always rises to the top.

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That’s why you’re here, reading our comparison of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe and its rival Toyota RAV4 – right? So, from the asphalt to the sunroof, which of these SUVs is best for your wallet, your family, and (frankly) your sanity? Let’s dive in.

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Pass Your Driving Test: 30 Tips & Things for Teens to Remember

Ready to pass that driving test with flying colors? Sure, it can be daunting to take a behind-the-wheel exam with an instructor watching your every move; but you’ve practiced your you-know-what off and have read through the BMV handbook till your eyes bled. Now there’s just one thing left to do: earn your driver’s license!

Here are 30 tips, tricks, and things to remember for your driving test. Good luck. Godspeed. You’ve got this.

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1. Understand the Rules of the Road

Think of your written exam as homework for your behind-the-wheel test...

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Car Lease Return: Helpful Tips & Best Practices from Experts

Your lease contract may be packed with legal jargon, complex terms, and the fanciest five-dollar words that five dollars can buy; but for most people, returning a leased car is usually fairly simple. Treat the car well. Don’t go over your mileage limit. Get an inspection. Drop it off. See? Easy.

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But we know you’ve still got questions – why else would you be here? – because, as a South Florida car dealer, we get asked about the Hyundai lease-end process nearly every day. Even those familiar with leasing a car come to us for answers, and we’re always…

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The Best July 4th Fireworks Shows & Events in Miami, FL

It's that time of year again! Fourth of July is the perfect day to drown your lunch and dinner in barbecue sauce, hang out with friends and family, and watch some stunning July 4th fireworks. Luckily, if you live around Miami and South Florida, there is never a shortage of fun Independence Day events to check out! Here are a handful of family-friendly 4th of July fireworks displays and Miami festivities that you shouldn’t pass up.

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2019 Coconut Grove Fourth of July Concert & Fireworks

Where? Regatta Park (Miami, FL)

When? July 4 from 6:00 to…

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Top 5 Trendy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Just imagine: It’s Father’s Day. Your dad slides out of bed and looks out the window to see a brand-new Hyundai Kona in the driveway. He gleefully runs downstairs, a kid on Christmas morning. It’s a perfect gift for a perfect father.

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Snap back to reality: It’s Father’s Day. Your dad wakes up and sees a card attached to a poorly wrapped package that contains a tie and shoelaces. Oh, boy, what a present!

Don’t be that child. Instead, prepare for Father’s Day by buying your dad a nice…

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Meet America’s Best SUV of 2019: The New Hyundai Kona

Our Miami Hyundai dealership is proud to announce that the 2019 Kona is America’s #1 SUV. 

We’re not blowing smoke up the Kona’s exhaust pipe, either. Having won numerous awards -- including the coveted North American Utility Vehicle of the YearKelley Blue Book’s Subcompact SUV Best Buy of 2019Car and Driver’s 10Best Subcompact SUV, and U.S. News and World Report’s Best Subcompact SUV for the Money – the new Hyundai Kona is undoubtedly the top crossover in the country. 


How did Hyundai accomplish such a fantastic feat? The recipe to make 2019’s…

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5 Tips to Drive Safer in the Rain

April is more than just the first official month of spring – it’s also Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which seems particularly fitting considering April marks the beginning of Miami’s rainy season. While driving in the rain may not seem like a big deal, but data shows that inclement weather correlates with higher rates of car crashes; wet pavement and rainy conditions contribute to up to 78% of all weather-related collisions and 76% of fatalities.

So, this April, stay smart when it’s raining by following these 5 driving safety tips.


#1: Check Those Tires

During rainy conditions, proper tire…

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Dos & Don'ts of Buying a Used Car

So, you've decided to buy a used car. It's exciting to anticipate a major purchase, but it can also be a little frightening to know you could make a mistake and pay more than you need to -- or worse, bring home a vehicle in major need of expensive repairs.


Fortunately, with a little research and some car-buying savvy, you can get a reliable and affordable used vehicle. Here are a few important dos and don'ts for purchasing the right used vehicle for you.

DO Your Own Research

Even if you're desperate for transportation, take some time…

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